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In Kenya too many people's lives are unnecessarily limited by blindness or impaired vision, simply because the eye care they need isn't available. SeeKenya provides trustworthy, high quality and life-improving eye care to prevent blindness, restore sight and improve eye health. We currently run two clinics a year in Meru, Kenya, and plan to establish a permanent clinic to help as many people as we can.

Stories of Hope



Tony first came to our clinic in October 2018. Tony was the victim of a robbery during which the robbers threw acid in his face and left him for dead. He survived but the doctors could not save his sight. Thankfully SeeKenya’s optometrists could.



Deborah came to the clinic when she was 12 years old, suffering from the eye disease trachoma. She was given drops and antibiotics to treat the trachoma. 



Mary visited the clinic as she had very poor vision and dropped out of university as she was no longer able to read her books to help her study. She was given some minus 12 very high strength glasses to help her to read again.

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