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Permanent Clinic

The vision is to build a high quality, permanent, sustainable optometric and ophthalmic eye care clinic which will meet the medical needs of the majority of eye health conditions experienced by the local people to ‘Restore the sight of the blind’ in North Kenya. 


Our immediate next stage is to build an eye care clinic in Meru, northern Kenya, so that the rural area, inhabited by 15 million people, can access all-year-round eye care, for the first time. It is normal to see around 2,000 patients through SeeKenya clinics each year. However demand far outweighs the current provision.


A permanent eye care clinic open throughout the year, at full operating capacity, with five optometrists, would be able to see around 15,000 eye patients annually. For every patient seen, children and adults alike, this provides the opportunity to restore sight, prevent blindness and reduce the likelihood of poor eye health conditions re-occurring. The impact for this part of northern Kenya is immense, as this will mean children can learn to read, write and grow to participate in society, and for adults to maintain their independence and livelihoods.


The proposed SeeKenya eye care clinic

Plans have been drawn up to remodel the downstairs of the Isiome Hope Centre building, which is owned by our partner organisation, Edfri International. The modifications include:


  • Creating a dust-repellent entrance, and reception area

  • Creating fit-for purpose rooms for consultations and treatment, waiting area, secure drug store, office space and toilet facilities

  • Building a new staircase, to enable independent access to the rest of the building

The total estimated cost to fully refurbish, re-fit, provide furnishings and specialist equipment is £584,400. This figure also includes solar panels costing £100,000 that will provide a sustainable and long term electricity supply. Building work is planned to begin in 2020 and will take around 10 months to complete. To date, £45,000 has been raised. It is intended that building work will begin when £250,000 has been raised.

Significant funds still need to be raised to make this a reality. Could you help? If you would like to know more details about this work please do email us at or if you would like to specifically support this building project, please click here and mark your donation "Building Project". 

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Proposed ground floor layout

Isiome Hope Centre