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Permanent Clinic

External view of Isiome Hope Centre and proposed clinic layout

Isiome Hope Centre
Layout of permanent clinic


We want to create a permanent eye clinic in Meru, Kenya that serves the people of Northern Kenya with the ongoing eye care they urgently need.

A permanent clinic has always been our long term goal but the Covid-19 pandemic has sped up the need for this. Our year-round high-quality optometric and ophthalmic eye care clinic will enable us to address urgent needs quickly, and provide the ongoing aftercare that can be essential to prevent blindness and restore sight.


SeeKenya has been based in Meru, situated in Northern Kenya for nearly 10 years. Throughout this decade, we have seen, treated and cared for the eyesight of thousands through our twice-yearly trips, seeing up to 2,500 people a year. However demand far outweighs our provision and, distressingly, many people are turned away due to the restrictions of our current resources.


With the spread of Covid-19, we can no longer run our large pop-up clinics. With that in mind, as well as the ever-increasing numbers of patients that desperately need eye care services, the best and most effective way we can serve these people is with a permanent eye care clinic. With this clinic we will be able to serve up to 21,600 patients a year and provide eye care for the generations to come.

Patient have eye health check
Team helping patient select glasses
Team member talking to young patient
Clinic in action


Together with our partners at Edfri International, plans are well under way for Isiome Hope Centre to be transformed into a thriving eye care facility. As shown in the clinic floor layout above, this includes: 

  • Creating fit-for purpose consultation and treatment rooms, waiting areas, secure drug store, glasses dispensary, office space and toilet facilities

  • A glazing laboratory for the making of prescription glasses

  • Building a new staircase, to enable independent access to the rest of the building

The total estimated cost to fully refurbish, re-fit, provide furnishings and specialist equipment is £584,400. This includes £100,000 for solar panels, which would provide the clinic with a sustainable form of electricity for years to come. Fundraising has already commenced and we can start building work when we have raised £250,00.



With 80% of eye health conditions preventable or treatable, a permanent clinic can enable even more children to attain an education and adults to have a livelihood and support their families. We believe in our vision to make quality eye care services not just a privilege for some but an essential for all. 

We see this as an adventure and we’re asking for you to join us in making this not just a dream but a reality!

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