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SeeKenya is a UK based charity working within Kenya providing trustworthy, high quality and life-improving eye care to prevent blindness, restore sight and improve eye health.


SeeKenya was established as a registered charity in May 2013 by Peter and Rachel Marson. After visiting Kenya in 2010 to attend a conference in Meru, Central Kenya, Peter who is an Optometrist by profession, was deeply moved by the widespread poverty and total lack of affordable eye care facilities for the majority of the local people.


It is SeeKenya’s vision to transform the provision of eye care in Kenya - to ensure that Kenyans have the opportunity to access both local and affordable eye care, and education, to improve their eyesight and quality of life.

Who Is Who

SeeKenya was set up in 2013 by Peter & Rachel Marson who are both co-founders and Trustees of SeeKenya. They are supported by one part-time Administrator, five Trustees, and work in partnership with Edfri International.

What We Do

SeeKenya sends teams of qualified optometrists, supported by other volunteers, from the UK to run ‘pop-up’ clinics in remote locations in northern Kenya. There are normally two trips per year, each lasting approximately two weeks.

The Issues

The people of Kenya are needlessly disadvantaged by blindness or impaired vision simply because the eye care they need is unavailable. This can prevent a child from reading a blackboard and gaining an education or an adult from providing for their family.

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