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The big picture vision of SeeKenya is to transform the provision of eye care in Kenya – to make quality eye care accessible and available to all who need it, to give sight to as many people as possible and therefore, improving their quality of life. We also want to see improvement in the standards and practices of local optometrists - particularly as some practice has been detrimental not beneficial – ensuring that all Kenyans receive the right eye care to give them the best eye health and eyesight possible.


We ultimately are aiming for SeeKenya to be completely run and operated by Kenyan people. The ownership and leadership that is already given by Edfri International will be complemented by professional Kenyan optometrists, ophthalmologists, support staff and volunteers.


Permanent Clinic Vision

Our immediate vision is to build a high quality, permanent, sustainable optometric and ophthalmic eye care clinic which will meet the medical needs of the majority of eye health conditions experienced by the local people to ‘Restore the sight of the blind’ in North Kenya. 


Stage 1 – Eye Care Clinic – Optometric Facility

The eye clinic will be open 6 days a week and provide eye tests for up to 50 patients each day. Plans include consulting rooms, a dedicated glazing laboratory and a full dispensing facility. Local Kenyans will be fully trained to run and staff the operation and provide satellite clinics in more remote areas. Referrals can then be made from satellite clinics to the optometric facility and the eye hospital.


Stage 2 – Eye Hospital – Ophthalmic Facility

The second stage of building work will be to expand to a ‘stand alone’ eye hospital. Currently there are very few eye hospitals in Kenya. The nearest is several hours drive away. Local hospitals do not have the specialist facilities to do surgery hence many Kenyans do not receive or cannot afford the required treatment. Operations would include cornea grafts - replacing scarring and enabling vision to be repaired.


You can read more about our permanent eye care clinic plans here.

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