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SeeKenya was established as a registered charity in May 2013 by Peter and Rachel Marson. Peter is a member of The King’s Church Mid-Sussex and an Optometrist by profession. In 2010 he was invited to accompany the pastor of the church to a conference in Meru, Kenya. While there, Peter was deeply moved by the widespread poverty and total lack of affordable eye care facilities for the majority of the local people around Meru.


Over the following 12 months he increasingly felt that he should try and use his skills to do something, however small, to help the situation. So, contacts were made with a local church in Kenya and a small team of volunteers trained by Peter was put together and travelled out to help the poorest communities. On this trip, a clinic was held on the premises of a local church with 90 people in Nairobi given eye checks.


Over the next couple of years, a deeper relationship was established with the Kambakia Christian Centre in Meru, Kenya, and in particular with the pastor of that church, Bishop Edward Buria who had also established Edfri International NGO. Through this, SeeKenya were given the opportunity to establish a base for the clinic and outreach work at Isiome Hope Centre in Meru. Now SeeKenya runs twice yearly trips to Kenya with up to 15 volunteers, seeing up to 2,500 patients a year!

Isiome Hope Centre, Meru

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