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SeeKenya have impacted the lives of thousands of people.

Here are a few of the stories of how their work has impacted and changed lives. 


Tony first came to our clinic in October 2018. He could barely see and was in terrible pain. A graphics design student, Tony had been robbed of his mobile phone and laptop while leaving his university class. The robbers threw acid in his face so that he couldn’t identify them and left him for dead. Thankfully, he was found and taken to hospital where doctors saved his life – but tragically, not his sight. Nor, through lack of specialist expertise, could they relieve his intense pain. Thankfully, SeeKenya’s optometrists could.

Tony come back to our clinic in February 2019 for a check-up. Thanks to the treatment he had received at the last clinic a small (but just about usable) amount of his sight had returned – miraculously enabling him to keep creating graphics – albeit by having paper or a tablet only centimetres away from his face. He and his family were so grateful to the SeeKenya team, who this time were also able to provide him with some visual aids and are seeking other solutions back in the UK to help both restore his eyesight further and help him use what sight he has. With this help Tony believes he may be able to finish his design course. We’ll never forget his gratitude or his inspiring attitude – to carry on, despite the debilitating horror he experienced.


Twelve year old Deborah came with her mother to see the SeeKenya team back in October 2012. She arrived at the clinic clearly suffering from the eye disease trachoma. Having been assessed by the team at the clinic, she was given some drops and oral antibiotics to treat the trachoma.

One year later Deborah made a return visit to the clinic in Meru to thank the team for their help. Her eyes have been healed of the trachoma and she is now able to go to school and her future is full of hope. During this return visit Deborah also received a pair of sun glasses to protect her against any future eye infections.

Deborah’s story sums up why SeeKenya exists to provide vital medicines to those without access to basic eye care. For the cost of under £1 Deborah was given eye drops to help clear the trachoma and restore her sight.


Mary visited Pete’s clinic in Gachie in 2011. She had very poor vision and dropped out of university as she was no longer able to read her books to help her study. She was given some minus 12 very high strength glasses to help her to read again.

A year later when the team came back, her mum came and told Pete that her daughter was back at university, was doing really well and was able to complete her training. Mary now has the chance to earn a living that would previously have been impossible.


Anna is a single mother with teenage children and a two year old. She supports her family by hairdressing which she does from her home. Her eyesight has been deteriorating and she was finding it increasingly difficult to do her work and provide for her family.


She was given a simple pair of reading glasses by the SeeKenya team which then enabled her to continue with her work and support her family as a single parent.

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