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A New Vision From The Alps

SeeKenya exists in its entirety due to the generous giving from supporters, including individuals who have caught sight of the vision (pun intended) to deliver quality eye

care for those living in poverty. One of the best ways to get involved in the mission of SeeKenya is to get involved in a fundraising event – building both awareness and essential finances. This is exactly what Bonnie Yule-Kuehne together with her 10 year old son, Zac, did last summer. Bonnie works globally with Alpha International and with a heart for social justice, undertakes an annual charity initiative. This year Zac was keen to partake too.

Zac at the Second Stage of the Schilthorn Trek

Inspired by a love of hiking in mountains and spurred on by Zac’s choice of charity, the mother-son duo set off for their adventure in the Swiss Alps – ready to tackle the Schilthorn Summit. The incredibly beautiful route (think The Sound of Music scenery) incorporated the challenge of an uphill 2,970 metres, or 9,744 feet toward the summit.

Despite a long and physically strenuous day the two accomplished their challenge in eight hours which, by any imagination, is no mean feat especially for a 10 year old! It was the work of SeeKenya that gave them their strong sense of motivation and drive to finish well. The fact that the work of SeeKenya is so life-transforming was motivation enough, and their efforts have raised an incredibly impressive £720.52, which far surpassed their fundraising target.

To put this into context, this is enough to fund twelve life-changing cataract operations to prevent full blindness or provide 252 pairs of glasses to enable everyday vision to become a reality.

Zac making friends en route

If you feel encouraged by the achievement of Bonnie and Zac, and want to further support the work of SeeKenya, please do drop an email to to chat to the team. Fundraising can look like running a marathon, a coffee morning or a large-scale charity evening. Every pound literally counts! It enables SeeKenya to grow and expand across some of the poorest areas of the country to reach even more people.

Written by Lizzi Joyner


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