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Eye Health Information Programme

With restrictions on travel and social distancing due to COVID-19, SeeKenya has developed a series of TV 'infomercials' that are being broadcast on a Kenyan TV channel run by our charity partner, Edfri International.

These videos are reaching millions of people in Meru and the surrounding area, educating them about good personal eye care and hygiene. This will not only improve quality of life by retaining eyesight and preventing sight loss, it will also reinforce the hygiene and safety messages about reducing and preventing COVID-19 transmission. To read our COVID-19 update, please click here.

Below are 3 of our infomercials:

Wash Hands

Wear Sunglasses

Avoid Smokey Places

Thank you to two of our supporters who gave their time for free to produce these videos:

Joel Marson (Videographer)

Mom Tudie (Music and Sound Composer)

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