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Brand New Glasses!

Peter and Rachel Marson show William Morris the people he has helped
Peter & Rachel Marson with William Morris

SeeKenya wouldn’t exist without the generosity of others. Alongside support from individuals, each year SeeKenya receive hundreds of brand new glasses frames and lenses, along with equipment from those in the optical profession.

Peter and Rachel Marson showing the people The Eyewear Company have helped
Peter & Rachel Marson with The Eyewear Company

In the UK, we all too easily take for granted that we can either purchase a pair of glasses or receive them for free on the NHS. Sadly in Kenya, this is not the case. Without the work of SeeKenya, many would not be able to afford an eye test let alone a pair of glasses. With the support and donations from optical suppliers, we can give out free, quality, long lasting glasses to those who come to our clinics!

Thank you to William Morris, Wolf Eyewear, The Eyewear Company, Birmingham Optical, Bondeye, Shamir, AOS and Specsavers who have given to our work!


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