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Thank You

Thank you so much for your donation to SeeKenya.

Thank you for helping open eyes to a better life!

We'd love to share our stories of hope with you and keep you updated on our sight-saving work. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram or sign up for our quarterly e-newsletters (you can unsubscribe at any time - a copy of our data protection and privacy policies can be found here):

Your donation has helped children like Joy

In October 2019, we met Joy. Joy is one of the 10,000 blind young children living in Kenya, and her story makes up just one of so many similar cases. At just three years old, she needed an incredibly high prescription such was her extreme short-sightedness caused by congenital cataracts. Indeed, she would be functionally blind without glasses, so they are an absolute essential to advance her quality of life. We were able to give her an especially strong pair of glasses that greatly improved her vision.

She visited us again in February 2020 and her dad told us she had been wearing her glasses all the time and wouldn’t take them off, such was the improvement to her sight! However, the cataracts meant that her vision was still very cloudy which can affect her visual development. As a result of this, we referred her to have her cataracts removed. It is vital that this treatment is done at a young age so that she doesn’t suffer long term problems. We are confident that once this treatment has been done she won’t need such strong glasses and her eyes should develop normally! 

Permanent Clinic plans

We are very excited to confirm that we are in the process of establishing a permanent clinic in Meru, Kenya, that serves the people of Northern Kenya with the ongoing eye care they urgently need. You can find out more about our plans here.

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